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I’ve been struggling with BOOKSURGE like an IDIOT because I mistakenly thought they would be the cheapest and easiest way to get a listing on Amazon, and perhaps boost my sales. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been published on LULU for quite some time as an additional outlet for my online books– although I do MUCH better handling online downloads myself (more money by a long shot), I finally gave up physical printing out of my home office and let LULU do it for me.

It was a little bit of a learning curve, but I didn’t realize until tonight that LULU could get me on AMAZON for $50.


Now here is a little more comparison for you that you should find interesting… and a warning to all DIY publishers
I’ve been dealing with BookSurge for WEEKS now, trying to get my book printed and on Amazon–

I was thinking of going with Lightning Source, only to discover BookSurge would get me on Amazon, and give me more percentage of the sale, AND give me an ISBN in the deal. Lightning Source told me to go buy 10 ISBNs for $300, which I did 😦

but there’s more to this tale…

I’ve been selling on LULU for quite a long time, and even without trying have ended up in the top of “How To Paint Your Car” in Google (but don’t get me started on Google!!!!)

Setting up the book on LULU was a relative breeze compared with BookSurge, which has been a complete headache and NIGHTMARE.

Now, I’ve printed my own books at home on a half dozen Canon printers for a long time, and I am NOT working for LULU- but let me throw a few comparisons at you:

1) BookSurge charges a minimum of $99 just for the basic set up, you still do all the work making the required PDF and cover files–

Lightning Source also would charge about $80+

LULU charges $0 for setup

2) BookSurge gives you an ISBN with your $99.

Lightning Source doesn’t. Again, I forked out $300 for 10 ISBNs before I learned BookSurge would give you one for free with your order.

Lulu ISBN— $50, and you own the ISBN as well (like the others.

NOTE:I have sold books online and in bookstores for 10 years without an ISBN. Probably about 50,000 books.

3)Once your book is sold online, on Amazon– BookSurge gives you a whopping 25% of your retail price.
Whoppeed. Okay, better than a standard publishing deal, but they do virtually nothing to advertise your book for you accept give you 1000 words to describe your book on the Amazon page.

Lightning source gives you even less than 25% of the retail. Wow.

LULU is giving me about 50%.

If I had continued on my qwest for the holy grail via BookSurge, I would have to DOUBLE my sales to make the same amount of money that LULU gives me.

I’ve busted my ASS to meet the booksurge publishing requirements, and they STILL haven’t okayed my book.

I did it on LULU IN ONE DAY.

And word is, the LULU copies are BETTER than BookSurge quality– which apparently is CRAP:

Booksurge. The world-wide and growing print-on-demand company. It’s got machines in the US, the Netherlands and Australia. Japan next.

Lulu. Coming up fast (my books specifically at: Donna’s Lulu.).

Here’s the latest:

Lulu is getting a machine in Spain. AND they have free upload.

Lulu offers individual customers a cheaper direct-order route.

Lulu’s intense-color covers do NOT flake, nor do they get beat up so fast. After a month, a Booksurge book looks like it has dandruff. A Lulu book does NOT. And a Lulu cover doesn’t get so curly and bent up; it’s tougher.

They BOTH have great bindings.

Lulu has Amazon access, too, and provides ISBN numbers, for low prices.

I finally wised up and sent BookSurge notice that they were FIRED.

🙂 I love giving assholes the finger.

If you want to see some REALLY interesting dope on Booksurge– do a search “Booksurge Sucks” and see what you find.