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Car Painting in Cool or Winter Weather OKAY!

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As fall and winter weather approaches in most of the USA (and whenever or wherever else) the question arises:

Can I paint when it’s cold outside?

Of course.

In fact, the demonstration video was made while it was RAINING and it was 45 degrees outside.

Here are the things to remember for cold weather…

1) Make sure the temperature where you are painting is at least 55 degrees.

If it is colder than that, the paint will not set quickly enough, and will have much more tendency to run and drip. Even though urethane paint is catalyzed and hardens from chemical interaction, and will dry in almost the coldest temperatures, the RATE at which it dries is effected by ambient temperature. If it “dries” to slowly, it will run.

Although 55 degrees is on the cool side, and warmer temperatures will allow faster setting and drying, it is possible to successfully paint at this temperature.

2) Paint inside a paint booth, or inside a garage.

In such an environment you can easily control the temperature with heaters and heat lamps.

Be aware, PAINT IS FLAMABLE— well DUH.

Don’t have a flame going where you are painting. DUH.

3) Outside, you can, as I did, paint inside a covered car port.

Hang up plastic sheeting, and warm the place up with halogen lamps, and monitor the temperature.

4) Avoid days of high humidity.

Moisture cures urethane paint, so any increased humidity in the air is NOT good. However– if you have heated the area you are painting in, and moisture is not coming in, you will be okay.