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Greetings Travelers With Unusual Tools and Brain Explorers!

In the Book of Wands I describe “Glasses From Another Dimension”- and the experience of my Traveling friends Sky Wise and Bobby “Spaghetti” Reginelli using them.

The glasses I describe are quite unique, but Bobby was introduced to them by these particular type of glasses that anyone can buy inexpensively here:

During the holiday season, many public holiday light shows- like the kind we have here at the Denver Zoo or the Botanic Gardens- sells laser etched glasses that turn holdiay lights into cutesy little snowmen and reindeer and snowflakes.

This is NOT what I am talking about.

These laser etched prismatic glasses are something of an entirely different caliber- and the transformation of ordinary lights as seen through these glasses is just SPECTACULAR.

More importantly, they initiate your brain to move into another dimension-

The optical effect is stunning and completely surprising. People become “transparent”, lights are multiplied hundred fold- its really impossible to accurately convey in words.

Last night, Julia Lu, Bobby and I went to the Denver Botanic Gardens light show, each of us wearing these type of glasses. Unfortunately, many people are conned into buying these very inferior “3-D” laser glasses at these kinds of events- and they have NO IDEA what they are missing.

We ran into one 5 year old kid, and said, “Try THESE on” and his response was a very mediocre, “Oh, I’ve seen those…”

Bobby said, “Oh no, you haven’t tried these…” and he handed the kid the glasses we had. Even this little 5 year old, once he had donned the glasses we had, HE KNEW THE DIFFERENCE immediately “OH WOW!!”

So– get yourself a pair, and stimulate your optical brain and click your amygdala forward in a new way…

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