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How to REALLY Tickle Your Brain’s Amygdala

Greetings All!

The brain is a spider web of billions of connections, redundancy, and variation.

My Internet and computer use reflects this to a degree, and benefits from this
reflection on how my brain operates.

And as we discussed the other day, more and new is not always better.

For example, I've always had two browsers on my computer. I find that for some
uses and pages one browser is superior than the other.

My main browser is Firefox, which originated from the creators of the Internet
Explorer alternative of years ago, Netscape.

I've upgraded to the latest version if IE, and I have version 8 installed, and
it works well for certain things.

Firefox is another story however. They make very frequent changes to the
browser, and I've tried them all, including the newest version of Firefox 3.

And I hate it.

I've always kept my old Firefox 2, and I'm back to using it exclusively for most
things. The newer version has all kinds of bells and whistles, and with it, all
kinds of annoying features that get in the way of what I am trying to do. It
actually BLOCKS passwords to key sites that I use many times a day, and keeps me
from controlling features I should have control over.

So, the moral of this is- remember your brain.

Knowing how it works will easily translate to all areas of your life- technical
and otherwise.

New and more is not always better. More often than not, you will find walking,
or a bicycle, or a bus is far better transportation than a Ferrari or an SUV
with electric nose hair tweezers on the dashboard.


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